As Twitchy reported, a recent Washington Post headline suggested that concern over the legality of the exchange of five Taliban leaders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is a “Republican” thing (even while acknowledging in the article that the government’s actions were illegal).

This morning, Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum took that stupidity and ran with it:

According to him:

Republicans these days are so hellbent on finding reasons to be outraged over everything President Obama does, there’s no longer any way to tell whether their outrage over any specific incident is real or manufactured. And in this case, it’s probably not worth trying to find out.

In other words, if “Republicans” are worried about it, it’s nothing worth worrying about. Even if it was against the law.

Drum says it’s “just random partisan fulminating”:

And the swap itself? Just “a tiny prisoner exchange.”

It just so happens that in that “tiny” exchange, five dangerous men were released:

CNN’s Jake Tapper reports that soldiers in Bergdahl’s platoon claim that he was not a prisoner of war, but rather a deserter who walked off while on guard duty. At least six soldiers were killed in efforts to find him.

Does Drum dismiss those men as petty “Republicans,” too?

Many questions about Bergdahl remain, but for now, at this much is certain:



Washington Post headline: ‘Republicans say’ illegal prisoner swap was illegal