Well, this is sad:

For them — not for us. Picturing frowny faces at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is just the jolt of schadenfreude we were looking for!

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Could be!


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has been sending out increasingly frantic fundraising emails in recent days, with one simple message: KOCH BROTHERS!

A May 23 email with the subject line “HORRIFYING” warns that “If we don’t hit our $90,000 goal today, then consider all hope of winning a Democratic majority in November lost.”

Another, sent Tuesday, warns that Democratic chances to retake the House will be “OBLITERATED” unless you donate some money right now. (Follow up: Can a near zero percent chance be OBLITERATED?)

So much angst, you guys!

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Well, maybe the sun’ll come out tomorrow:


Play us off, Keyboard Cat.

(Hat tip: Bill Murphy)