This past weekend, CNN reporter Deborah Feyerick led a panel discussion about Elliot Rodger’s killing spree:

Here’s what Feyerick said:

“It’s got to be about mental health, and not firearms.”

Seems reasonable enough. After all, Rodger suffered from major mental health problems, and three of his six murder victims were stabbed, not shot. But Feyerick’s attempt to keep the discussion focused on Rodger’s highly disturbed nature didn’t fly with Moms Demand Action founder Shannon R. Watts, who was hell-bent on making this horrific story about gun control.

How dare Feyerick not turn a murderous rampage into an opportunity to push a political agenda!

Watts indeed made a fool of herself:

Give it a rest, Shannon. The shame here is yours for trying to use six murder victims to prop up your political cause.



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