Heh. For just a “local” story, this one sure has some pretty disastrous national implications.

Nevada, like Oregon, has decided to drop its own state-run Obamacare exchange in favor of HealthCare.gov. Because great success!

But throwing in the towel doesn’t come cheap:

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

The board of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange voted this morning to dump the contractor that botched the building of its Nevada Health Link website, and to move partly into the federal system for at least the next year.

The move would let the state exchange keep its autonomy and its member-based funding, and to allow the marketplace to switch to an operational website from another state for its 2016 enrollment period.

The change to a new system could cost as much as $57 million in addition to the $72 million contract the exchange already had with Xerox. But exchange officials said they’ve already applied for federal grants to cover the cost. Plus, the cost of buying another system may drop considerably by the time the exchange is ready to go forward in late 2015, state officials said.

“Federal grants to cover the cost.” That always works out well for taxpayers, right?

Oh, we’re sure everything will be working just fine by then.

This is Obamacare. Expect to be disappointed.



‘Who stole all the money?’ Oregon expected to scrap state O-care exchange, keep unspent federal grants

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