Wut, indeed. Fox News’ Chad Pergram reports that Rep. Charles Rangel had this to say about the developing VA scandal:


If Rangel said that, we’d love to hear the explanation.

Twitchy will update with additional confirmation and video of Rangel’s remarks if they become available.


Rangel’s remarks in full are now available here.

The quote in question:

Asked whether VA Secretary Eric Shinseki should continue in his position, Mr. Rangel said the problem was larger than that.

“I am saying it’s our whole country — it’s our religious community that allows this to happen,” he said. “And I tell you, if it was a different class of people that were dying on Wall Street, it would not happen, and I know that. And no one can challenge that.

“They’re destroying their own lives because of this — they come home and they find [themselves] jobless and homeless and [hopeless], and we don’t talk about it,” he said. “And we just talk casually about the introduction of troops … so you asked the wrong guy for any rational explanation for what’s happening to them; VA or no VA, it’s wrong.”



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