Never fear! As long as there are conservatives in the world — particularly conservative men — Amanda Marcotte will never run out of things to whine about.

Here’s what she offered up earlier today:

Those five things, by the way, are climate change, abortion, gun culture, terrorism, and Benghazi.

Now, you might be surprised that she left sex off the list. Don’t worry, though. She got around to it eventually:

Those “weird,” “delusional” conservatives … so obsessed with sex! When they’re not busy hating it, that is.

Seriously, though. Is there anything in Amanda Marcotte’s universe that isn’t ultimately somehow related to sex? Homegirl’s got some major issues.

That could explain it. Or maybe:

Yeesh. Why don’t we just go with this:

Sounds right to us. She just can’t help herself.

Every. Single. One.

Well, now we know what Marcotte’s nightmares look like. No wonder she’s perpetually pissy!



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