Sigh. Another day, another bunch of union tools demanding more money. And this time, it’s on a global scale:

Shutting down businesses is awesome!

You heard ’em!

Quality rhyme, guys.

C’mon, do it for the kiddie props!

Neither rain, nor sleet … nothing shall stay the completion of their appointed rounds. Except maybe for sprinklers:

And they are turning the sprinklers on us! It feels great. #fastfoodglobal

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Oh no … not the sprinklers!

The horror.

Will this violence ever cease?

So very, very brave.

Clearly it’s hard out there for self-important strikers. Too bad those of us in the real world aren’t offering up our shoulders to cry on.

Hey, why not?

Yep. Why buy the cow when you can get the milkshake for free?

We have seen the future, #FastFoodStrikers. And you’re not in it.



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