That’s basically the gist of this offering from Mother Jones:

Who knew?

Thank goodness for “science”:

It’s easy enough to spot a vocal, “explicit” racist. But as Mother Jones explains, even if you’re not one of the explicit ones, there’s a pretty darn good chance you’ve got an “implicitly” racist brain. Here’s the straight dope:

These types of biases are quite prevalent. According to a research summary by Stanford University’s Recruitment to Expand Diversity and Excellence program, “about 75% of whites and Asians demonstrated an implicit bias in favor of whites compared to blacks.” In other words, despite your best intentions, you might be a little bit racist. (Similar unconscious biases have been documented in people’s views of those of different genders, the elderly, and other groups.)

It really does. Except it’s not a parody.

Oh, and did you know that racism probably played a role in your decision not to vote for Obama?

More from MoJo:

These tendencies also cropped up in the 2008 presidential election, pitting a white candidate (John McCain) against a black one (Barack Obama). In a 2009 study, B. Keith Payne of the University of North Carolina and his colleagues compared explicit and implicit bias scores for a large number of individuals with their self-reported voting behavior in the election. Not surprisingly, the conscious racists, those showing explicit anti-black bias, tended to vote against Obama and for McCain. But after controlling for explicit bias, the study found that the remaining implicit bias had a surprising effect. It didn’t push voters towards McCain, but it did take votes away from Obama, because these people either tended to favor a third party candidate, or were less likely to vote at all.

In other words, both explicit and implicit racism kept Obama from getting votes. So did Republican voters in many cases. Notice an implicit pattern? Mother Jones probably hopes you do.

Hack. Tastic.

Or stop breathing that evil racist air.

As for Mother Jones, a few good smacks upside the head might do the trick.



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