File this one under “Things We Wish We Could Un-hear.”

In her new book, “A Fighting Chance,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren writes this about Tim Geithner, former Treasury secretary:

“Millions of people were getting tossed out on the street, but the government’s most important job was to provide a soft landing for the tender fannies of the banks.”

Reading the words is one thing, but we probably could’ve done without actually hearing Warren say “tender fannies” out loud:

Here’s the video from today’s edition of NPR’s Diane Rehm Show (starts around the 8:50 mark):


Rehm: What do you think of the role Hank Paulson played and the role Tim Geithner played?

Warren: Well, as I talk about both of them in the book, my view was they focused much too much on protecting the tender fannies of the largest financial institutions.



Now, granted, it’s Elizabeth Warren’s über-progressive political philosophy that’s truly objectionable. But “tender fannies” doesn’t exactly make her more palatable. We may need some time to regroup.



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