This afternoon, Jay Carney once again took to the podium to weave his tangled web of Benghazi lies. Fortunately for us, Fox News’ Ed Henry, absent at yesterday’s sickening spectacle, had a chance to take a crack at Carney. And it was magnificent.

Henry started with a simple, straightforward question:

Carney couldn’t come up with a decent answer:

And, taking a cue from his boss, he passed the buck:

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up:

You can view video here. We recommend watching the full exchange, but here’s just a sample:

Henry: If the email was not about Benghazi, as you said yesterday and say again today, why did the White House turn it over to a conservative group seeking information about Benghazi?

Carney: You would have to ask the State Department about how they responded to FOIA requests. I would, again, point you to the fact — I mean, all you have to is read it, Ed. All right? Top line points, goals, that kind of stuff. The only mention of Benghazi in the email is a question about, what’s your response to a story by the Independent newspaper in, uh, the UK, that says we have intelligence — that we had intelligence — 48 hours in advance of the attack that was ignored. “Not aware of any actionable intelligence” was the answer. And then, what does it do? It cuts and pastes the same line from the CIA talking points that, again, was what Ambassador Rice used.

Henry: How about Benghazi? Why turn it over in a Benghazi suit?

Carney: You would have to ask the State Department about their process for responding to FOIA requests. Again, you can just read it and then decide for yourself. As many people have now said and written, like, this is a conspiracy theory in search of a conspiracy.

Satisfied with the press secretary’s answer? Ed Henry certainly wasn’t, and he continued to push an increasingly agitated Carney. Just how deeply did he manage to get under Carney’s skin? Four words: Reductio ad Fox News.

For the record, Henry wasn’t having any of it.

It’s almost as if the White House has it in for Fox News or something.

Sad, but not surprising.

Well, unlike Clown Carney, Henry is a professional.

Henry, as always, conducted himself like a grownup. And viewers are grateful to him.



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