At a press conference this afternoon, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been hit with a lifetime NBA ban and a $2.5 million fine for allegedly making racist remarks. Thing is, Sterling has a long, shameful history of racist conduct, of which the NBA was well aware. So why did the NBA put up with it for so long?

That’s what “Inside Edition” reporter Lisa Guerrero wanted to know, and she boldly confronted Silver:

She also alluded to the Justice Department’s 2006 housing discrimination lawsuit filed against Sterling:

Silver deflected:

When Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero asked why the NBA hadn’t acted before, such as when Sterling was involved in housing discrimination, employment discrimination, and sexual harassment lawsuits, Silver responded that he “can not speak for past reactions,” but that “when the NBA was presented with specific evidence, it acted.”

Observers weren’t all that impressed by Silver’s lackluster response:

But they applauded Guerrero for daring to ask the question that’s been on so many minds:

Good on Guerrero.



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