Aging: It happens to the best of us — and to the worst of us.

But if you even suggest that Hillary Clinton’s no longer a spring chicken, you’d better be prepared for her fans in the media to bare their teeth. That’s certainly been the case for RedState’s Erick Erickson, who had the nerve to point out that Hillary would be a relatively old POTUS:

It should not even be a debate. Yesterday, filling in for Rush Limbaugh, I noted that Hillary Clinton will be old by 2016. She will, in fact, be 69. We are not talking about tortoises here or redwood trees. Sixty-nine is no longer middle age. It is just a fact.

But truth is inconvenient for lefties. Especially when that truth pertains to an Untouchable like Hillary. Just ask HuffPo contributor and Daily Banter managing editor Bob Cesca:

Cesca writes:

Yes, Hillary Clinton will turn 69 a matter of a week or so before Election Day 2016. But so what? As long as she’s physically and mentally able to handle the job, who really cares how old she’ll be? Seems like a weak angle to use this as ammunition against a candidate. But, sadly, it’s only the beginning of the subtle and not-so-subtle anti-Hillary misogyny we’ll be hearing for the foreseeable future.

Remark on Hillary’s age and you’re automatically a misogynist. Make a story out of a Republican’s advanced age, and it’s “real journalism.”

As a matter of fact, he did:

From Cesca’s HuffPo piece:

Reason the second, and more importantly: Senator McCain appears to be losing his shpadoinkle. When he admitted that he doesn’t know how many houses he and his heiress wife own, it might not have been because he owns too many houses to count. Instead, it could be that he simply couldn’t remember how many houses he owns.

To put it frankly, Senator McCain is showing the signs of being too old for the gig, and his recent history of forgetting things (whether simple details like the number of houses he owns, or more complicated facts like Sunni vs. Shia) ought to be the source of some serious panic inside the Republican loop.

Huh. Old and senile? Guess Cesca is an even worser person in the world! Like Matt Yglesias:

What does he know? Well, he knows John McCain is old:

Why is John McCain fair game, but Hillary’s off-limits?

In a word: hypocrisy.

Liberals, like everyone else, get old. They’re not immune from the passage of time:

And Hillary is not immune from criticism.



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