That darn GOP … always benefiting from shady billionaires!

Enviro-nut Steyer recently announced plans to make Dems at least $100 million richer in time for the midterm elections. And now comes the news that there’s been another Keystone XL delay. Steyer’s pretty happy about it:

Here’s the full statement:

Steyer statement

Because if there’s one thing Steyer can’t stand, it’s special interests. Good thing he’s willing to spend millions and millions of dollars to prove it!

Just a coincidence, we’re sure.

Money talks. And, try as they may to deny it, Dems are all ears.

Wonder what Harry Reid has to say about this. After all, like the Kochs, Steyer’s loaded. He should be furious!

Not likely. Steyer’s a liberal, you see. And liberal money is pure as the driven snow.

Talk about going green.


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