Oh, this is too good.

The Washington Examiner has a delightful story today about our buddies at Media Matters. Seems they’re getting a bit of grief from … SEIU?

Say wut?

Read it and weep — with tears of laughter!

Last week, the [SEIU Local 500] filed a representation petition with the National Labor Relations Board, indicating that the nonprofit media watchdog organization rejected an effort by the union to organize MMFA’s staff through a Card Check election.

A filing with the NLRB does not necessarily mean that the union and management are in direct confrontation. For example, although Volkswagen tacitly backed the United Auto Workers’ recent effort to organize its Chattanooga, Tenn., plant, the company still insisted on an NLRB-monitored election.

Well, well, well.

Thought what? That Media Matters hearts unions?

You thought wrong, apparently.

Garçon! Fetch us some popcorn!

Don’t worry about that. Something tells us we’re gonna be just fine.

Hells yeah, it is.