He’s baaaaaaaaaaack! Well, sort of:

Hot stuff!

The Democratic National Committee will start tweeting from @JoeBiden in an election-year push to benefit Democratic House and Senate candidates, the committee said on Monday.

“@JoeBiden will be another way for the Vice President to engage our supporters, spread the Democratic message and support our candidates heading into the midterm elections,” a DNC spokesperson told TIME Magazine, which first reported the news. http://time.com/51223/joe-biden-twitter-2014/

During a speech to the DNC in February, Biden said he and President Obama had an “obligation” to help Democrats in the midterm elections. He said he had committed to assist 120 races this cycle, and that the pair would raise money “to help make this viable.”

Here’s @JoeBiden‘s first tweet in well over a year:

Uncle Joe even signed it! Which means it’s totes legit. As legit as Uncle Joe can be, anyway.

Yeah, that brain of his has a tendency to be underused.

Hey, not so fast! This could be very entertaining.

Same here! Our helmets are on and we’re ready to go!