And, well, Mike Elk needs a vacation:

From his gofundme page:

After covering the Chattanooga Volkswagen labor dispute for the last 6 months — and not really sleeping for the last two months — I am beat and in desperate need of some time in the sun. Alas, as a labor reporter, I can’t actually afford to take a real vacation because most people read my work without actually paying for it.

The reaction is decidedly mixed:

As of this post’s publication, Elk has received $615.00. Not surprising given the incentives he’s offering to prospective donors:

Again, all donations up to $500 will be matched by a generous reader. Donations over $50 get a postcard with an original drawing by me, and donations over $100 will get an original Mike Elk drunk dial from a beach.

Plus there’s this:

Good point!



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