Apparently not.

First, a little background:

On Bill Bennett’s Morning in America program Wednesday, Ryan, who has become involved in the issue of poverty over the last year and a half, told Bennett there is a “tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work.”

Right on cue, race-obsessed lefties immediately pounced on him, accusing him of outright racism. After all, he is a Republican.

UC Berkeley professor — and author of “Dog Whistle Politics” — Ian Haney Lopez was perfectly willing to entertain the idea that Ryan is a racist. And yesterday, Politico offered him the opportunity to share his thoughts:

And if anyone would know about race baiting, it’s a dog-whistle-blowing busybody like Haney Lopez.

But Politico gave that yutz an outlet anyway.

Well, what’s good for the goose …

Another question:

Throwing it out is exactly what Politico should have done.