The desperation … it reeks.

That March 31 deadline is fast approaching, and the Obama administration is running out of ways to get young people to sign up for Obamacare. Tapping a generic mom doesn’t seem to have done the trick, so now, they’re bringing out the big guns:

Something tells us that these moms don’t have to worry about their grown-up children losing their health coverage or being forced to find new doctors.

Good for her. But last time we checked, she’s not our mom, and we’re not children. So why does Team Obama insist on treating us like we’re just a bunch of naïve kids who don’t know what’s good for us? It’s getting really old — and really stupid:


No, you nag us because you’re nags.

Great question.

Let them nag. Let them call us knuckleheads. We know what’s best for us — and it isn’t Obamacare.



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