Nope. Sadly, it’s all too real.

Harry Reid plummeted to a new low with his creepy Koch obsession today:

Say wut?

That’s “on message”? Good. Lord.

From The Hill:

Reid tied the billionaire brothers who have bankrolled conservative causes to GOP demands that language delaying the Internal Revenue Service’s regulation of non-profit political advocacy groups be added to the Ukraine package.

Some conservative Republicans want the IRS language added if the bill is also to include reforms to the International Monetary Fund backed by the White House.

“It’s hard for me to comprehend how with a clear conscience they could say, ‘Ukrainians, we probably can’t help you because we’re trying to protect the Koch brothers,’” he said on Thursday. “And not only that, they’re saying to the American people that protecting the Koch brothers is more important than helping our country.”

In our wildest dreams, we couldn’t make up this kind of crap. This is full-blown Koch Derangement Syndrome, plain and simple.

Reid is certifiable.

Truly. And not only is he off his rocker, but:

That makes for a dangerous combination.

For reals.



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