Yeah, especially if those parents live in New York City under Mayor Bill de Blasio. While live-tweeting today’s “parent blogger roundtable,” de Blasio’s office had the nerve to go here:

Really? They could’ve fooled us:

Like this:

Bingo. For a guy who claims to care about what’s best for students, de Blasio sure has a funny way of showing it:

Because he can. The mayor is currently waging an all-out war on charter schools. So far, he’s left 700 students — overwhelmingly minority, low-income students — in his wake. So far. But his tenure has only just begun.

He doesn’t give a crap about the students. This is about politics, pure and simple. Placating the teachers unions and sticking it to the enemy.

Good luck with that.

Bullcrap. This is what he thinks it means:

What a dirtbag.



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