Research? Pffft. Alan Grayson doesn’t need research. All he needs to do is trust his gut, and his gut tells him that apocalypse bringer Ted Cruz isn’t a real American:

Because nothing says “I’m serious, you guys” like busting out the birther card.

When MSNBC’s Richard Lui asked Grayson for his thoughts on who would take the Florida Republican primary for 2016, here’s what Grayson had to say:

“Since Ted Cruz is a Canadian, and our constitution requires that an American win, I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be Ted Cruz. I think that Ted Cruz is Canada’s revenge against the United States for acid rain.”

Even Lui — did we mention he works at MSNBC? — was left dumbstruck by Grayson’s crazy. That’s really saying something.

This guy, for one, is sick and tired of Grayson’s shenanigans:

And he’s taking Grayson on in this year’s congressional race. Don’t settle for insane, Florida. You can do better.



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