Leave it to MSNBC to blind us with science:

Here’s a partial transcript of Maddow’s report:

“It’s hard to be sure in Oklahoma, even as they’re having this huge swarm of earthquakes right now. It’s hard to draw a conclusion one way or the other about this particular side effect of this very lucrative oil and gas industry that’s so important to the local economy.”

Maddow goes on to show a portion of an anti-fracking video put together in part by the progressive Center for Public Integrity. So, while she admits we can’t be sure exactly how to interpret the data, what she actually wants us to take away from her report is that wealthy fracking proponents are largely responsible for increased seismic activity in Oklahoma and Texas.

Because of course.

That’s never stopped them before.

Since MSNBC’s so fond of linking stuff together, here’s a connection that actually makes sense: