Amen. That guy gets it, but plenty of others ought to take his advice about seeing a shrink.

Shirley Temple Black passed away last night at the age of 85. In addition to being a celebrated child star, Temple Black also had a successful political career — as a Republican.

But for some, the very idea that Curly Top was a conservative is just too much to handle:

Pity people have to act like callous jerks.

No. Too douche.

These geniuses don’t wonder about that — they know. See, according to them, not only was Temple Black an evil Republican, but she was also a rabid racist:

Shame on all of them. Temple Black’s memory deserves better.

Editor’s note: An additional sentence was added to the first paragraph of this post after publication.



Death of legendary actress Shirley Temple Black inspires fond memories, drink-related confusion