Remember t.A.T.u.? The Russian pop pair captured international attention back in 2003 with “All the Things She Said,” whose lyrics and video weren’t exactly light on suggestions of lesbianism. Given Putin’s stance on homosexuality, logic would dictate that t.A.T.u. wouldn’t have much to do there these days. But logic would apparently be wrong:

The duo was part of today’s opening ceremony, but they sang a different tune:

Details of the opening ceremony are a closely guarded secret. But two people familiar with the matter say Russia’s team will enter the stadium to the music of t.a.T.u, made up of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. The group will perform at the warm-up show that won’t be broadcast internationally, the people said. The Russian team will then file into the stadium to the sound of their 2003 hit “Not Gonna Get Us.”

Even if they aren’t singing about lesbianism, t.A.T.u. seems like a surprising choice. Then again, maybe since the girls aren’t actually lesbians, Russia’s giving them a pass. Tweeters can’t help but be intrigued:

For the record, President “Vladimir Putin” seems OK with it:

Heh. Hopefully he had a front-row seat:

Surprise! t.A.T.u. managed to push the envelope, if only a little bit:

But it looks like they showed a little more restraint this time: