Still on the fence about signing up for Obamacare? This new ad campaign from the fine folks at Enroll America should change that:

This isn’t the first time Team Obamacare has turned to the animal kingdom to spark interest in enrollment. But based on the crappy signup numbers, the pictures of rodents on swings just weren’t cutting it. Live-action is the way to go!

More from Heritage:

“The thing about animals is that just the image of them tends to soften people,” said a consumer psychologist quoted by USA Today. “Animals open you up, allow you to see the message and pay attention to it.”

The focus of the ad is simply getting people to sign up. USA Today reports that “Enroll America says about 81% of the public doesn’t know about the deadline,” yet the ad never mentions a deadline.

Right—the March 31 deadline to “get covered,” as they say. Because Obamacare forces everyone to purchase government-approved health insurance or pay a penalty. The crooning kitties don’t mention that.

Because the truth about Obamacare isn’t cute and cuddly.

Time will tell as to whether the campaign proves effective … oh, who are we kidding? Obamacare has been a flop from the get-go. Now it’s just dragging unsuspecting animals down with it.




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