What are they smoking over at The Huffington Post? First, political editor Sam Stein points out that it’s “not necessarily” bad that Obamacare will further cripple the economy, because hey, all those future unemployed people won’t have to work for insurance coverage. Stupid? You bet. But it gets worse, courtesy of Stein’s HuffPo colleague, senior congressional reporter Michael McAuliff:

Holy crap. Just this afternoon, Jay Carney told us that freedom’s just a “buzzword.” When did “freedom” come to mean “being at the government’s mercy”? We must’ve been asleep in class that day.

Ugh. Yes, Michael. People can take risks. But they should not be compelled by the government to do so. The Obama administration disagrees, of course:

“Choices.” We do not think that word means what the White House and its lapdogs think it means.

We’re witnessing truly staggering intellectual acrobatics. And instead of holding the administration accountable, hacks like McAuliff are doing their best to feed the lying beast.

And, well, we just feel sick.

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

And we are screwed.



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