As Twitchy reported, Whoopi Goldberg tried to distance herself from producers’ decision to invite Dana Loesch to guest-host “The View” earlier this week. Those conservative women are so icky, you know. Prodded by actress Elizabeth Perkins, Goldberg didn’t hesitate to take passive-aggressive swipes at Loesch.

Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin wasn’t about to let that slide:

Much to Whoopi’s annoyance:

Malkin did indeed appear on “The View” in 2009:

And she remembers things very differently from Whoopi:

Here’s how it went:

Best part: Every single member of the audience got a copy of the book!

Second best part: Whoopi Goldberg, who didn’t read [“Culture of Corruption”], asserting that I called the administration the most corrupt ever in the book when I was on the set — and then waiting for me to leave to falsely assert that “that young lady” said it on the Today Show.

So, tell us, Whoopi. Who’s the liar?

Dana Loesch pointed out that Whoopi didn’t wait until after her guest appearance to send the “they are going for ratings” tweet:

Which Whoopi seemed to appreciate:

But Malkin told the truth, too. Whether or not Whoopi wants to admit it.

In any event, one thing’s for sure:




Whoopi’s whining in a nutshell:



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