As Twitchy reported, lady part-er Sandra Fluke may be considering a run for retiring Rep. Henry Waxman’s congressional seat. Conservative author Kurt Schlichter, who’s nothing if not #caring, came up with a few possible campaign slogans for her:

Hee! But why should Schlichter devote any energy to helping Fluke when the perfect replacement for Waxman is right in the mirror?

Schlichter’s wife doesn’t seem all that keen on the idea:

Awww … please, Irina? America needs him!


Hell yes, it could!

Hell yes, you can!

That would be the most badass campaign team evah.

Couldn’t she make an exception, though? Just this once? This isn’t just what the American people want; it’s what they need.

Doooooo it, Kurt.

Why stop at “if”?

Awww, yeah! And as far as a campaign website is concerned:

Love it!



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