Are you a white woman? Do you hate yourself for being a white woman? Or maybe you’re a non-white woman who’s fed up with white women. Either way, have we got the perfect hashtag for you!


Yep. #WhiteWomanPrivilege was indeed trending nationally this afternoon.

Because nothing says feminism like making women feel guilty about themselves!

Then buy yourself some purple undies and call it a day.

We’ve got news for you, sweetheart: You’re still naïve.

Feminists profess to hate the idea of shaming other women, yet that’s exactly what they’re doing here. Enough already.

Ask, and you shall receive! Let’s have ourselves a look at #LiberalWhiteWomanPrivilege, shall we?

Looking at you, Tina Brown.


There’s nothing empowering about reducing yourselves to lady parts.

And last, but not least:


Oh, snap!

Hell yes.