Awful news out of Aspen, Colorado:

Nealon’s quite shaken up:

We’re still waiting for more information, but Nealon is not optimistic:

Prayers to all involved and affected.



Singer LeAnn Rimes was apparently there as well:

Information is beginning to trickle in:

We will continue to monitor this situation and update with developments.



Photos from the scene:

And video:

More info:



More from Nealon:

And from another witness, Nico Enea:


Report: 1 person killed, 2 with injuries in Aspen plane crash; Updated

Editor’s note:

As regular readers know, we often include quotes from tweets in Twitchy headlines. The original title of this post quoted a Kevin Nealon tweet that called the plane crash “horrible.” (‘Horrible!’: Comedian Kevin Nealon live-tweets explosive plane crash at Aspen Airport.)

While Mr. Nealon’s reaction was in quotation marks and “horrible” was the word he used to describe the crash, some readers thought Twitchy was calling Mr. Nealon’s tweets “horrible.” That was not the case and we apologize for any confusion. To avoid further confusion, we have removed Mr. Nealon’s quote from the title.

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