twitchys 2013

President Obama likes to say he’s a humble guy, but we know better. And so, dear readers, join us for a stroll down Memory Lane as we look back at this year’s top 5 most malignantly narcissistic Obama moments:

5) It’s only natural to assume that the Smartest President Evah™ is very well-read, but when it comes to making book recommendations, he only has eyes for him:

Why would anyone wanna read anything else?

4) Remember this Very Special Birthday Tweet for Obama’s chief of staff?

Did the president blow out the candles, too?

3) This November marked 50 years since JFK’s assassination. Commemorating such a somber anniversary requires a delicate touch. Too bad the Obama White House has an iron fist:

The real tragedy here is that JFK is no longer around to tell Obama what an awesome job he’s doing.

2) Nelson Mandela’s not around anymore, either. And after his death, the White House released this photo to show just how sad that made President Obama:

Fortunately, that sadness was short-lived. Obama was all smiles at the Mandela memorial service.

1) Just how awesome is President Obama? According to the White House, the Lightbringer is positively divine:

Barack Obama is a god among men. Boy, are we lucky!