As Twitchy reported, President Obama will be holding a press conference this afternoon before he flees heads to Hawaii for a 17-day vacation with his family. It’s possible that he’ll take a question or two about the latest round of Obamacare rules changes, but let’s face it: he’d probably rather talk about pretty much anything else.

Hey, just because no one will likely ask him a tough question about Obamacare doesn’t mean he won’t get any tough questions. Someone might ask him to weigh in on Phil Robertson’s suspension from “Duck Dynasty.”

Will President Obama say that Robertson “acted stupidly”?

We wouldn’t put it past him, actually. The “Duck Dynasty” affair has been great for Team Obama. With the Robertsons in the spotlight, Obama has been able to fly under the radar.  It’s made it much easier for the White House to avoid the Obamacare elephant in the room — and sneak through even more unlawful changes.