It’s a red-letter day for Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin! Check out this scoop from Big Journalism:


It’s like double prizes! And what makes this extra-awesome is that if Al Sharpton were to actually try to interview Malkin, he’d be even more tongue-tied and flustered than usual.

Yep. Let’s just say things would not end well for Al.

Hope for that interview we much.

Meanwhile, some tweeters quite like the idea of First Lady Michelle Malkin:

Well, yeah. That goes without saying.

True dat! But there are others still who think Malkin should aim even higher:

Too bad she has no intention of getting anywhere near the D.C. cesspool. Can’t say we blame her, heh.

In the meantime:



Update:’s Ben Shapiro, the man behind the typo, weighed in:




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