Volunteer moderator Nathan Allen recently explained the decision to keep the opinions of climate change skeptics out of Reddit’s science forum. Wouldn’t want any dissenting opinions getting in the way of an agenda, right? Al Gore certainly agrees:

Whew! Free speech is so 200 years ago, you guys.

Sorry, Ted. You thought wrong. That’s just not how it works in the World According to Al Gore:

Aside from using the nonsensical “climate deniers” term, Gore and his like-minded Redditors are celebrating flat-out censorship. Allen claims that “as a site, Reddit is passionately dedicated to free speech.” Could’ve fooled us.


There’s a precedent for this sort of thing:

Yes it did. Which is just fine with Allen, who expresses hope that newspapers will follow in Reddit’s footsteps and keep those pesky “climate deniers” out of their pages. No doubt Al Gore shares that hope.

It’s science for the modern age.





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