“Real journalism” at its finest.

Sen. Ted Cruz was among the many who mourned the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela, and he posted this message yesterday on his Facebook page:

But ABC News didn’t think that was juicy enough. It made Sen. Cruz look like too decent a guy, you know? So in order to spice things up, writer Anneta Konstantinides decided to comb through the post’s comments for followers who said negative things about Mandela, because if she couldn’t use Cruz’s words to make him look bad, she might as well use other people’s.

Konstantinides, dutiful reporter that she is, was also careful to note that “Cruz’s office did not return calls seeking comment on his followers’ posts.”

Well, duh. Neither Cruz nor his office have anything to explain or apologize for.


Seriously, ABC News. Get a hobby. Clearly you’ve got nothing constructive to do these days.



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