Rest assured, millions of Americans receiving cancellation notices. Obamacare “is working and it will work into the future”! So proclaimed President ShamWow during a speech this afternoon:

Yeah, “working” seems to mean something else to this president. From where we’re sitting, there’s nothing remotely functional whatsoever about Obamacare:

Reality bites, clearly. But in Obama’s mind, all those “anecdotes” and whatnot about Americans losing their coverage are just part of a grand smear campaign by his opposition:

Nice try, Mr. President:

Bingo. Obamacare has proven to be a disaster in every respect. Yet the president insists on plumbing ever-deeper depths of delusion:

Uh …

Sure is funny how that works.

If there’s any justice in the world, Obama’s assurances that he will continue to shove a law we don’t want down our throats should spell big trouble for the Democratic Party.

Something’s got to be done, that’s for sure. There’s nothing at all presidential about trying to recruit the public to do your dirty work:

Really inspires confidence, doesn’t it?



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