Hey, why can’t it be both?

No, really. Amanda Marcotte, who somehow manages to call herself a feminist with a straight face, has totally embraced that degrading Obamacare ad featuring “hot to trot” Susie and Nate. Because nothing says “girl power” like suggesting that women only think with their lady parts.

Here’s a just taste of Marcotte’s wisdom:

It’s a cute ad drawing attention to the fact that health insurance is required to cover contraception now. Of course, it’s also an ad that makes the apparently controversial observation that women might feel sexual desire like they’re people, so naturally, conservatives are up in arms.

The whining from the right shows why the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now were smart to run such a blunt ad highlighting the birth control benefit. Women do use birth control to have sex without getting pregnant, and if pro-choicers dance around that fact or employ euphemism to discuss it, it lends credence to the notion that there is something shameful about it. Being direct about sex provoked conservatives to once again reignite a no doubt doomed campaign to stigmatize contraception, making the right look like a radical fringe completely out of step with mainstream America.

Nice try, sweetheart. But it isn’t Republicans who are obsessed with sex and painting women as “hos.” Progressives built that all on their own.

Sounds like a safe bet. It’s time for liberals to stop making excuses when they do something stupid.




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