As Twitchy reported, ProgressNow Colorado is out with a new series of ads courting randy, easy women. And Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado, for one, is outraged — outraged! — at such blatant misogyny:

Um, beg your pardon, guys?


Yep. PPVC can thank ProgressNow Colorado’s political director Alan Franklin for bringing “ho-surance” to life.

Aching. Sides.

Are we ever!



PPVC clarified the earlier tweet:

So, the complaint about “slut-shaming” was directed at conservatives disgusted by the “ho-surance” ads, and not at the jackasses behind the ads. Go figure. Nice to know that Planned Parenthood has its priorities straight.

We apologize for misrepresenting PPVC’s initial tweet and regret the error.



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