The author and occasional “Red Eye” guest sent that tweet in September, back when he was at least cautiously optimistic about the Affordable Care Act:

Hoping was as far as it got:

If we’ve learned anything living under President Obama, is that hope doesn’t always pan out.

Turns out the site sucks all the time, even during “off peek hours.”

And “close observation and scrutiny” have revealed that Obamacare is an ever-embiggening pile of fail.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks, and Kirn is seeing the ACA for what it is:

Obama lied. Repeatedly. Period. And he doesn’t deserve our support.

This tweeter took a page out of the Obama playbook, suggesting Kirn just doesn’t understand the “facts” about the ACA:

Kirn didn’t bite:

Bingo. Thanks to Obamacare, the only thing consumers can keep is their cancellation notices.

If it’s facts Mr. Vaidhyanathan wants:

“Nothing to do with Obamacare”? Nice try, pal.

Uh, actually, he did. Facts matter. Real facts, that is.



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