When President Obama told Americans, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan,” he was absolutely full of it. But even in the face of harsh reality, many on the Left are still unwilling to admit that Obamacare skeptics were right all along. HuffPo political editor Sam Stein is one of those people. And not only is he in denial about the extent of Obamacare’s failures, but he’s dismissing the evidence of those failures as “anecdotal”:

Beg your pardon?

You shouldn’t say that, Sam. But you did. “These stories” — and there are many of them — offer more than just “insight into the effects of the policy”; they illustrate the flaws inherent in Obamacare.

But according to Stein, Obamacare itself isn’t really the problem; it’s the way it was sold:


Actually, unions and “youth advocacy groups” were among Obamacare’s advocates. The ACA’s still being heralded as a win for young people!

Yeah, tell that to the growing number of Americans losing their coverage who now find themselves at the mercy of Healthcare.gov and higher premiums and deductibles.

And who’s to blame for the pricier plans? The government. It’s the government that’s deciding what’s “up to code,” as our pal Amanda Marcotte put it, even though it should be up to the consumer to make that determination. Why isn’t Sam Stein calling out the government rather than going after “anecdotes”?

Except it isn’t.

Yes, Sam, you did. But backpedal some more:

Except that’s not what Stein said in his tweet. What he did was suggest that stories of lost coverage are just part of an “anecdote game.”

These aren’t trends we’re dealing with. These are real Americans — more and more every day — who are losing their coverage and being forced to either enroll in higher-cost plans or face a penalty.

But Stein will be damned if he’ll admit that.

Stein’s only concern right now is making sure the Obama administration gets a pass.

Real people are getting hurt:

But hey:




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