Laying down the marker!

Former OMB acting director Jeffrey Zients has been tapped to lead the HHS “tech surge.” And according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), QSSI will be the new general contractor overseeing the fixes:

Does QSSI sound familiar to you? It should:

That’s just great.

Plus ça change …

But don’t worry. During today’s CMS “operational update,” Zients said it’s smooth sailing from here:

There’s even a timeline now:

Fabulous! We feel better already.

What’s there to worry about? The Obama administration has a proven track record when it comes to abiding by deadlines.

Major credibility problem.

Heh. That’s an excellent question. Here are a few more:

Hey, don’t push it. Even if the November deadline does wind up being accurate: