This morning in the Rose Garden, President Obama once again recruited human prop-aganda to help sell his crappy namesake health care law.

But as The Washington Examiner’s Byron York demonstrates, the White House doesn’t seem to understand that success is an integral part of “success story”:

Dude. Fail.

In other words, Hojnacki hasn’t made it past deciding that he needs coverage. But let’s celebrate!

Please sir, may we have another?

She was able to register! Whether she’s able to locate a plan “that meets her budget and needs” remains to be seen. But success story!

As is the case with the other “success stories,” Russell has yet to actually find a suitable plan, much less enroll in one.

Call us crazy, but last time we checked, success is about more than setting a goal; it’s about reaching it. If these people are all the Obama administration has to show for its investment in Obamacare, it’s in serious trouble.



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