Good question. Especially when you consider this:

CGI Federal is the Canadian IT company charged with putting together and maintaining the “excruciatingly embarrassing” site. And evidently, it genuinely sucks to be them:

The debacle has taken its toll on the working environment at CGI Federal’s 10-story complex in Fairfax, Va., according to a staffer working on a related project who asked not to be named. “There’s been a lot of agitation and anger, because CGI really prides itself on having family flexibility,” he said, noting the firm’s liberal telework policy. Instead, the Obamacare contract has sucked more and more staff off other projects, and people have been working around the clock to first get the site ready for Oct. 1, and then fix it when things started to go wrong. “There’s a lot of frustration,” the staffer said. “People are getting sick, fainting in conference calls.”

CGI spent $93.7 million to land the contract. Bien joué, guys!

To quote the great Joe Biden, literally!

We smell a new URL:




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