Since the beginning of October, Twitchy has extensively documented the total cluster-you-know-what that is enrollment in Obamacare exchanges. But, well, this graphic really puts all that fail into perspective:

Yeesh. Those are the data for the first week of enrollment, as compiled by Millward Brown Digital. With new “glitches” constantly springing up, can we expect the bottom of that funnel to narrow even more?

Ouch. Be sure to read the full analysis. It’s painful, to say the least.

Sad, yes. But that’s Obamacare for you.

Editor’s note: This post was edited to correct a typo.



It’s worth noting that the Obama administration has not yet released its enrollment figures. CNN reported that, as of October 4, 52,000 applications had been started. And late last week, the Daily Mail reported that just 51,000 applications were completed in the first week. In either case, those figures do not necessarily represent the number of applicants who had successfully enrolled.



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