We’re sure, given its impeccable record when it comes to holding political figures of all stripes accountable, that PolitiFact’s new venture, PunditFact, will maintain the same high standards of bias-free reporting:

From PolitiFact:

The new site will have a dedicated staff of journalists who will research claims by media figures and rate them using PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter. The fact-checks will be published on PunditFact.com and will often be featured on the main PolitiFact site.

PunditFact will be an edition of PolitiFact that will invoke the look and feel of the national site. Each fact-check will be part of a pundit’s report card, so readers can see whether his or her ratings skew to the True or False end of the scale. PunditFact will publish analyses of its findings — the patterns of the falsehoods, the most popular talking points and stories about how they originated. The website also will tally ratings by news organization and will publish periodic report cards.

“PunditFact will be about accountability, not sanctimony,” Brown said. “We think consumers of political information will welcome our independent and credible reporting.”

Welp, we’re satisfied!

Heh. Fat chance.

Even though PunditFact hasn’t officially launched yet, we can already rate it:



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