President Obama’s not one to shy away from scraping the bottom of the integrity barrel, but even he wouldn’t drag Christmas into his petty political battles, would he?

Oh yes he would. And he did, at a White House presser this afternoon:

Transcript via The Washington Post:

Republicans have said that if we’d lock these Americans out of affordable health care for one more year, if we sacrifice the health care of millions of Americans, then they’ll fund the government for a couple of more months. Does anybody truly believe that we won’t have this fight again in a couple of more months? Even at Christmas?

Seriously. Damn those heartless Republicans! First they want to shove granny off a cliff, and now they want to take away Christmas?!

It’s horrible. Horrible! The GOP might as well give up the elephant now and switch to a more appropriate mascot:


You know, if President Obama really wants to play the “Who Ruined Christmas” game, he and the Dems have the GOP beat by several years:

Yep. Talk about leaving a big, fat lump of coal in our Christmas stocking.