Fans of National Review’s Jonah Goldberg have become well acquainted with the tales of Cosmo the Wonderdog. Though most of us never had the good fortune to meet the legend face to face, he never failed to make us smile.

Sadly, today, Goldberg announced that Cosmo has passed:

Cosmo the Wonderdog is gone. He was the best dog I’ve ever known. He was a better dog than I had realized dogs could be.  He was a rescue with the odds stacked against him that came to our rescue in more ways than I can count or describe. We can only hope to love anything as unconditionally as he loved us. But we did our best. And his sudden absence feels like the soul of our home has been vacuumed out.  He went as gently as we could manage. Maybe I will write a proper farewell to him over the weekend when I have the emotional resources to do it. He deserves it (how many dogs can boast to having both chased wild caribou in the Canadian Rockies and to having peed in Christopher Hitchens’s home?). For now, all I can manage to say without breaking down is he was such good boy, the best I ever knew.

A beautiful tribute to a loyal friend.

Tweeters are expressing their condolences.


Thoughts and prayers to the Goldberg family.

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