Indeed it is.

“Rachel Maddow Show” producer and MSNBC contributor Steve Benen is tired of conservatives complaining about the inordinate number of lefty MSM-ers being promoted to political positions in Obama’s administration. So he penned a blog post to vent his frustration:

Earlier today, Erickson published a post at RedState discussing the “revolving door between the media and leftwing politics that rarely exists on the right. It shapes the world view of the members of the media and necessitates conservatives working even harder to get their opinions, views, and stories heard.” He’s right, of course.

But inconvenient truths are hard for the Left. So Benen attempted to disprove Erickson’s point by sharing a “lengthy roster” of all the conservatives who have made their way through the revolving door:

Earlier this year, for example, CBS News hired Condoleezza Rice as an on-air contributor. For members of the Bush/Cheney team, this was hardly an aberration — the Washington Post hired Michael Gerson, a former Bush speechwriter to serve as a columnist, then hired another former Bush speechwriter, Marc Thiessen, to also serve as a columnist.

They join a lengthy roster of former Bush/Cheney officials who somehow managed to secure positions at major media outlets: Tony Snow (CNN), Frances Fragos Townsend (CNN), Ari Fleischer (CNN), Dana Perino (Fox News), Mary Matalin (CNN), Sara Taylor (MSNBC), Nicole Wallace (CBS News), Dan Bartlett (CBS News), Jeff Ballabon (CBS News), Tony Fratto (CNBC), Jimmy Orr (Los Angeles Times), Andrew Malcolm (Los Angeles Times), Juan Carlos Zarate (CBS News), and of course Karl Rove (Fox News, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal).

First of all, Benen and his fellow media lefties like WaPo’s Greg Sargent fail to make the distinction between pundits and reporters:

Deflect like the wind, Greg! Sargent is too thick to understand that in his attempt to make Erickson look foolish, Benen actually proved Erickson’s point. But among all the examples listed by Benen, there is not a single individual who made the transition from the media world to the political world. Because, as Erickson says, the “revolving door” essentially exists only on the Left.


Better luck next time, guys.


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