It was less than a year ago that Bruce Springsteen rhymed “pajamas” with “Osama” in a masterful musical tribute to The Lightbringer. But, well, ever since Obama’s expressed interest in taking military action against Syria, war-hatin’ Bruce hasn’t made a peep. What gives? Ace of Spades was understandably curious:

It’s only a matter of time, right?

Sure! C’mon, Bruce!

Maybe The Boss just needs a little help. Fortunately, Ace is nothing if not a giver:


That’s actually a really good question.

Pure poetry. Other aspiring lyricists got in on the action, too:

We hope Bruce is taking careful notes. Free can’t-miss advice is hard to come by! And maybe once the E-Street Band has rehearsed a few times, they can perform in public. We know the perfect place:

There’ll be plenty of room for a stage:



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