Horrible news out of Syria today, as the death toll from chemical weapons rises again:


But don’t worry — the White House is on it:

White House statement on Syria

And by “on it,” we mean “asking the U.N. to do something about it”:


Red line? We’re sure it’s lying around somewhere …

Wait, we forgot. That whole “red line” thing was just a gaffe.


But aside from that, the White House is serious, you guys:

Photographic evidence of the Obama administration’s commitment to getting things done:

Heh. What’s scary, though, is that the “squirrel” — or in this case, “puppy” — approach seems to be the White House’s preferred strategy when it comes to dealing with, well, everything. What’s it going to take for Obama et al. to actually get serious about foreign policy?

Well, it’s worth a shot.



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